Carpet Replacement
March 19, 2017


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This project has been planned for two years and doing the clutch, just provided the impetus to get it done all at once.  The only good part of the clutch saga is that TRF had great sale this summer on their Magic Carpet Kits and Magic Clutch Kits on the same weekend as the low cost shipping.  Win-win situation, since I knew that the clutch was going to be coming out one last time.

**** Viewers are warned that if they attempt any mechanical repairs or modifications, or follow procedures referred to here, they do so at their own risk, and no liability will attach to either myself or
Her Majesty's Service.****

Once again, Erik at Her Majesty's Service in Pawtucket, RI performed all of the work.

This is why I wanted to replace the carpeting.  Even though the car had never been driven in snow, it did spend a lot of time with the top down and in the sun.  The dark brown carpet isn't really that dark anyhow and is subject to the the same UV issues as any colored material when exposed to direct sun light for long periods of time.  Here's what came out of the car.  Actually looked good under the seats, but who sees that area?

What you see next doesn't look very dark due to the very bright sun light,
but held next to the faded pieces above, there is a world of difference.

Erik will be replacing every piece except for the rear deck, which will require cutting and
stitching to be custom fit around the bases of the roll bar.  Eddie, at J.T. Leddy Upholstery in Pawtucket, will be handling that next week.  This is the padding included with the kit from TRF.
After seeing several cars at the show in Brookline with new carpeting, the TRF kits looked the best and the owners were all pleased with the quality stitching and ease of fit.

We'll start at the end of the clutch replacement with everything back together under the carpet area and all set for the installation of the new hold down snaps and hardware.  The floor pan has been washed with body prep cleaner to remove any grease or old glue that may cause odors in the future and all bare spots are sealed with POR15.  The transmission cover has been sealed to the cleaned floor with non hardening silicone to keep out noise, dirt and fumes from the underbody.  The padding and carpeting will follow.

The first two pieces to trial fit before any glue is applied are the side rail panels.
Do yourself a favor and don't start any other way, because everything
else will depend on a perfect fit on these two items.

After each piece is then checked for fit, the necessary holes are made and attaching
hardware is installed prior to applying any glue.  Very important sequence of steps
to remember.   The padding is glued to the carpet panes, not the floor. 

Also, it doesn't hurt to keep the old carpeting to use as a reference for hardware mounting.

A much better shot to show the real color as well.  This is the time and place to do the
correct fitting and gluing of the padding and cutting of any holes.

Begin with the side rail carpets.

Next install the center transmission cover forward section.

This is when to allow for the throttle travel and stop.  TRF Magic carpet
kits have most of the holes precut into the carpet, but not in the padding.

Make sure that you use a good glue such as 3M and let it setup so that
your carpet doesn't slide around when you set everything in place.

Next install the side panels under the dash on inner fender area.

Next install the pieces on the transmission cover.

Now you can begin to fit the carpet that will be under the seat tracks.

Don't forget to allow for the spacers that fit under the tracks when you cut
carpet and padding.  If you don't the tracks will bind from being uneven.

Now the tailored carpet over the emergency brake can be fit.
After that the center console and any new radio or accessories are fit in place.
This is also an excellent time to install soldered connectors on any of the
radio speaker wires that need attention.  Don't bolt the console down tight
until you have fit all of the remaining front pieces in case you have to
slightly move a piece from where it falls into place.

Next the new JVC CD player & stereo and the long awaited kidney pads.
I also used the kidney pad installation kit from TRF that includes
the cross bracket between them and new rivets and fasteners.

 These do seem to have to settle in a bit, even though the snaps hold them down.

Finished, at last!  Eddie at J.T. Leddy Custom Upholstery in Pawtucket , RI
did a great job by finishing off the rear shelf around the roll bar.

Eddie cut and seamed in all of the tubes with matching brown leather trim.

Another job well done by Erik at,

40 Industrial Road
Cranston  RI 02920 
(401) 352-0888 2017

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