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March 19, 2017


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This idea came about over in England, from a man named John Wells.  Several years ago, John made these and sold them over there
and here in the USA.  BobbyD brought this solution up in a discussion about many of us leaving our turn signals on too long because
they either don't cancel (worn parts in the column), or we don't see the light blinking as we drive for a few extra miles with the signal still on.

This is dangerous, for obvious reasons while driving, so I contacted John in order that I might buy one from him.  John no longer makes
these and has no plans to start it back up again, but he was kind enough to send me the instructions and his blessing to start making them
if I wished to do so.  I don't have the time to drive my cars, let along build these units, so I went to Marc Goldblatt, who owns Classic
Technologies, the maker of the upgraded fuse panel that is in my car.  After many guys on 6-Pack expressed an interest, Marc agreed
to make these as part of his product line.  So what you see before you is a simple and clean way to prevent a stern warning, as I received
from a local police officer, or even worse, a potential accident because someone thinks that you are doing something that you are not
going to do.  This is the link to Marc's site:  Classic Technologies, Inc.


**** Viewers are warned that if they attempt any mechanical repairs or modifications,
or follow procedures referred to here, they do so at their own risk, and no liability will attach to me or Classic Technologies.****

These are two of the first units made and are different for a reason.  The unit on the left is what everyone will get for the turn signal
indicator bulb replacement.  You simply pull out the indicator light socket from the speedometer, unscrew the bulb, screw this unit
in and push the front section into the hole formerly occupied by the turn signal bulb socket.  The LED is nice and bright even in the sun.

The unit in the middle, is a test unit to replace the bulb in the oil light with a beeper that will come on if the oil pressure drops.

The unit on the right is a test replacement LED only.  Not for production at this time.

This is a side view of the T/S unit and you can see how the heat shrink acts as a stop for the depth of the insertion.

This hose acts as an insulator and is the perfect size to fit snugly into the speedometer housing and brings the LED right up to the lens.

I have some spare speedometer parts, so this shows how well they will slide right in.  If you do order one for the oil, remember it is on
the tachometer, as the blue high beam indicator is on the speedometer with the amber turn signal indicator lens.

Just a side view for illustration.

 Nice and bright, even in my garage in the middle of a sunny afternoon and with the overhead florescent lamps on above the car.

This is the turn signal bulb and socket after I pulled it out of the tachometer. The oil pressure socket is exactly the same.

This is the oil pressure bulb and socket after I pulled it out of the tachometer. The new bulb and assembly is screwed in ready to install.

That's it.  A simple solution to an annoying problem.  All done in about 3-5 minutes and that's for both units

Happy Motoring!!!

Classic Technologies
15 Van Ness Street
Norwalk, CT  06850

203-461-0463 2017

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